1) What member of the our class was nicknamed "Worm"?
Cliff Arbuckle
Tony Militello
Mike Williams
Dewayne Staats
2) Who was the Mayor of Wood River in 1970?
Claude Hill
Zeke Smith
Bill Gossman
Milo Culp

3) Who has been the Mayor of Wood River from our class?
Dewayne Staats
Bob Culp
Frank Akers
John Hunt
4) Who was the Dean of Boys in 1970?
John Spaeth
David Wiseman
Frank Zagar
Henry Studnicki

5) How many in our class?
6) Who was the superintendent of our school?
Henry Studnicki
John Spaeth
Wallace Stevenson

7) Who was the counselor that graduated from eawrchs?
Ruth Watson
Paul Wiseman
Dean Calvin
Frank Van Doren
8) Who was the Dean of Girls?
Shirley McCune
Joan Mitchell
Carol Tweedy
Helen Patison